Diabetes and the Eye

Diabetes is a disease that disrupts a person’s natural ability to control their blood sugar. If the blood sugar is too high for periods of time, it can cause damage to organs and body systems. Diabetes can cause eye disease which damages the blood vessels in the eye and can lead to sight loss. If you have diabetes you are also at higher risk for other eye disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts. According to the American Diabetes Association, patients with diabetes are 60 percent more likely to suffer from cataracts and 40 percent more likely to suffer from glaucoma.

Patients need to have a comprehensive diabetic vision and eye health examination annually at a minimum if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. If adverse eye health conditions are detected, more frequent observation and care may be required to help improve or maintain vision and eye health. Diabetic eye disease may cause temporary vision changes or permanent vision loss in severe cases. Early detection and treatment is more likely to have a better long term result. The best way to avoid diabetic eye disease is by keeping your blood sugar stable under control, having regular eye exams, and following the treatment and care plan as determined by your medical doctor.

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